Parish Council

Executive Committee:

Keith Marin
Vice President
Steven Mitrakos

Connie Tirondola

Assistant Treasurer
Holly Marin
Assistant Treasurer
Peter Geannakopoulos
Corresponding Secretary
Peter Sedereas
Recording Secretary
Petra Knox
Council Members 2015: Athena Borzeka, Anthony Boyadjis, James Kardaras, Charles Marin, Nicholas Monokandilos, Nick Pappas, Herbert Schuster

Leveraging Your Stewardship: Employer Matching Gifts

Your employer or your spouse's employer may offer a program that matches charitable gifts. Matching gifts can multiply your gifts to St Andrew.

Some employer matching gift programs exclude churches. However, many of them will make matching gifts to for educational and charitable purposes. The Hellenic Afternoon School is not a religious program, it is an educational and cultural program, and has been approved by some employers for a matching gift. In addition, the St. Andrew Philoptochos is a charitable organization that gives to the needy regardless of religious affiliation, and may also be approved for a matching gift. Finally, employers may run special charitable giving drives which have different rules than their standard matching gifts programs.

To find out if your and/or your spouse's employer has a matching gift program, contact the employer's human resources department.

For more information, please call the Church Office.